• Custom Metal Stamping Parts Fabrication Service

    Custom Metal Stamping Parts Fabrication Service

    Huayi-group is a stamping parts and sheet metal parts manufacture with more than 15 years. The following is some of the metal parts provided by Huayi-group. ...
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  • Huayi-group Custom Services Metal Parts Manufacture

    Huayi-group Custom Services Metal Parts Manufacture

    Huayi-group is a profession custom manufacture engaged in the R&D CNC Machining Parts, Metal Stamping Parts, Springs, Wire Forming Products, Herb Grinders. The following are some products provided by our factory for your reference. Please feel free to contact us to g...
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  • Torsion Spring Terminology

    Single Torsion Spring   Total Coils: The number of coils in the spring when it is under no load.   Active Coils: The number of coils in the spring that are compressed or extended when it is under load.   Wire Diameter: The diameter of the wire used to make the spring, which is typicall...
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  • Battery Contact Springs Manufacture

    Battery Contact Springs Manufacture

    What Is The Battery Spring? Battery springs, also known as contact springs or battery springs contact. These springs are used as contact with batteries. The main types of battery spring are flat spring,shaped like thin a plate, and coile...
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  • Huayi-group CNC Machining Parts

    Huayi-group CNC Machining Parts

    Huayi-group is a China factory in design and manufacturing of CNC Machining Parts. We offer a full range of products in consumer, industrial, medical, MIL aero and automotive applications. Products Display ...
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  • Custom Torsion Springs

    Custom Torsion Springs

    Overview A torsion spring is made of wire that is wound in a spiral shape, with the ends of the wire attached to a stationary point on one end and a rotating point on the other end.  ...
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  • Custom Compression Springs

    Custom Compression Springs

    Overview Compression spring is a common mechanical elastic element that stores energy when compressed by an external force and produces an elastic reaction when released. The amount of energy stored in a compression spring is determined ...
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  • 2-Layer Herb Grinders

    2-Layer Herb Grinders

    Overview Huayi-group is a herb grinder manufacture with more than 10 years experience, we produce 2-layer/3-layer/4-layer grinders. The follow article is introduce the benefits of 2-layer herb grinders. ...
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  • 4-Layer Herb Grinders

    4-Layer Herb Grinders

    Overview A 4-state grinder is a device used to grind various materials, usually herbs or spices, into finer particles. It consists of multiple compartments or layers, each with a specific purpose. The following is a brief introduction to the functions of each ...
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