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Sheet Metal Fabrication | Custom Metal Fabrication Services

We are a professional sheet metal fabrication manufacturer with years of experience. We have a modern workshop and sophisticated facilities, including laser cutting machines, bending machines, punching machines, CNC machines, and welding equipment. Our staff undergo professional training and skills enhancement, with rich working experience and technical knowledge, to provide high-quality sheet metal fabrication services.

We provide various custom sheet metal fabrication services to meet the needs of various industries and applications. With our professional technical team and advanced equipment, we can deliver high-quality, precise sheet metal parts and components. Whether you need a single part or large-scale production, we can provide the perfect solution for you.




Laser Cutting





Sheet Metal Fabrication Process Introduction

Sheet metal fabrication refers to the manufacturing process of various shapes of parts or components by cutting, bending, stamping, welding, surface treatment and other processes on various sheet materials. Here are some commonly used sheet metal fabrication processes:

1.Laser Cutting: Laser cutting is a process of high-speed cutting of sheet materials using laser beams. Laser cutting has the characteristics of fast cutting speed, high cutting accuracy, and high degree of automation. Laser cutting can be applied to different materials of sheet metal, such as steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, etc.

2.Bending: Bending is a process of folding sheet metal along certain axis lines to form certain angles and shapes. Bending is suitable for making various shapes of parts and components. Bending has high precision, good repeatability, low cost and is suitable for sheet metal fabrication of various scales.

3.Stamping: Stamping is a process of punching, forming, and cutting sheet materials. Stamping is suitable for mass production, with fast speed and high accuracy, which can complete sheet metal fabrication production tasks in a short time.

4.Welding: Welding is a process of forming a strong connection between two or more metal materials by heating, melting, and cooling. Common welding methods used in sheet metal fabrication include gas shielded welding, manual welding, and automatic welding, etc. Welding can connect sheet materials of various shapes and materials, which is used for making various complex parts and components.

5.Surface Treatment: Surface treatment is a very important part of sheet metal fabrication, which can improve the appearance quality and corrosion resistance of sheet metal products. Common surface treatment methods include grinding, polishing, spraying, electroplating, anodizing, etc. The choice of surface treatment depends on the processing material and requirements to ensure the quality and service life of sheet metal products.


ss304 metal stamping/ss316 metal stamping part/stainless steel samping part

Our sheet metal fabrication products have a tolerance control within ±0.05mm to ensure the quality and precision of the products. We implement a strict quality management system, including raw material procurement, production process control, product inspection, and after-sales service.

Below is our sheet metal inspection process:

1.Raw Material Inspection: Before sheet metal fabrication, we conduct strict inspections on the purchased raw materials to ensure their quality meets our requirements.

2.Production Process Control: During sheet metal fabrication, we strictly control each process to ensure the accuracy and quality of each step.

3.Finished Product Inspection: After sheet metal fabrication is completed, we conduct strict inspections on each finished product to ensure its size and positional accuracy meet our clients' requirements.

4.Sheet Metal Parts Assembly: If the finished product needs assembly, we assemble the sheet metal parts and conduct strict inspections on the assembled finished product.

5.Packaging and Delivery: After the finished product passes the inspection, we package the product and deliver it according to our client's requirements.

We will continue to uphold the principle of "quality first, customer first," and continuously improve product quality and service levels to provide customers with high-quality sheet metal fabrication products and services.


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